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Dec 3, 2010

Why I Give to United Way

As part of United Way of the National Capital Area's own workplace giving campaign, we included an essay contest asking our team to answer the question, "Why give to United Way of the National Capital Area?"  We received an array of answers that ranged from pragmatic and prosaic to philosophical and poetic. The winning entry went to our Senior Director of Resource Development Michelle Bosau for her personal and cadenced account of why she gives.

I give to United Way NCA:

Because I believe community is not just the place you live.

To save.
Because the rising tide lifts all boats. To spread joy.
Because I am asked. To give back instead of giving up.

To honor my parents' legacy.

Because I believe in being part of the solution. Because giving feels good. To share wealth.

To inspire my children.

Because I am thanked.
To find happiness in little things. Because I was taught to share. To help good people in bad situations.

Because many people have given to me in so many ways.

To spread hope. Because I believe.
Because it could be me someday.

To spread happiness. To brighten someone's day. To spread opportunity.

Because I can't do everything, but I can do my part.

To bring change. Because some people have no where else to turn.
For impact. Because bad things happen to good people.

Because I am well while my neighbor is sick.
Because I am warm while my neighbor is cold.
Because I am full while my neighbor is hungry.

Because I have been given everything while my neighbor has been given nothing.

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