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Mar 2, 2011

Education: United Way NCA and the Promise Neighborhood Initiative

On Wednesday, February 23rd, United Way NCA presented testimony (see the post below) before the Council of the District of Columbia, reinforcing our commitment cross-sector collaboration on improving education in our region.

As part of this mission, United Way has become a key partner in the DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative.

With the Cesar Chavez Public Charter Schools for Public Policy as its applicant agency, the DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative (DCPNI) won a $500,000 grant to plan a Promise Neighborhood in the Parkside-Kenilworth community in Ward 7 of the District of Columbia. DCPNI’s mission is to increase the number of children who complete their education from cradle to college, and enter adulthood as productive participants in the 21st Century economy and in the civic life of their communities.

DCPNI Founder and CEO
Irasema Salcido
The Promise Neighborhood Initiative is an ideal partner for United Way NCA as, like us, they recognize the interconnectedness of diverse social issues on the overall condition of individuals, families and communities. For a tour of the DC Promise Neighborhood, sign up here.

United Way NCA will play a key role with DCPNI as the lead organization of the Funding Desk, charged with identifying new and continuing funding streams to sustain the program.

Opportunities being explored include, but are not limited to:
  • the White House’s Race to the Top Initiative;
  • Educare; and the
  • HUD Choice Neighborhoods program.
United Way NCA is also co-leading the External Relations Strategic Initiatives. This effort includes outreach to:
  • Capitol Hill,
  • the White House,
  • DC Government, and
  • regional development and business groups.
We are also a participant in the Local Funders Group dedicated to identifying and securing private sector supporters of the program.

Our partnership with DCPNI is a great step toward improving lives in one of the most distressed communities in our region. As we stated in our testimony to the DC Council, this effort needs to built upon and expanded for other troubled communities in the National Capital Area, and United Way NCA plans to be an active partner in this progress.

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