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Jul 20, 2009

Day 5,6 and 7-Live United Challenge/Arianne

I'm finished with my challenge!
Friday was basically the same as Monday through Thursday although I had just come to the frustrating conclusion that even though I continued to be hungry, there just wasn't any food to eat.

I was afraid of the weekend because I knew that I wouldn't be concentrating on work and would have more time to think about how hungry I was.
I tried to keep myself busy but didn't do as well of staying on track as I did during the week.

I went to the grocery store yesterday to buy my groceries for the coming week and I found that I was much more concious of what I was buying and what would last me the week and perhaps flow into the week after that. I wasn't standing in the grocery store with a pen, paper and calculator like I was the week before, my bill came to $43.18, $22 over the amount I spent last week.

In the end, i'm extremely glad I did this challenge even though it was much more difficult than I had anticipated. I learned a lot about myself and about the challenges that many in our area face every single day.

I'm asking you to try a LIVE UNITED challenge, it may change your life-it's changed mine.

Don't hesistate to ask me or a staff member about how you too can LIVE UNITED!

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  1. Hey Babe, Awesome job!! Hard to believe people do live on such a limited income. Very sobering!!!---Patti