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Jul 27, 2009

Reflections on the Live United Challenges/Shana

It is great to see volunteers dedicating their time to Living United. Arianne, recently shared her Live United Challenge experience with us and she really went the extra mile. She made tough choices from the onset and kept to her budget. Arianne learned how it feels to go hungry, how challenging it is to make difficult choices because you must stay within your means, how much hunger can affect your ability to concentrate. Arianne, we admire your resolve to understand what so many of our neighbors experience every day - and certainly not by choice.

Who is next - what challenge will you try? Will you take the food stamp challenge too? Will you reduce your utility usage? Temperatures are soaring and the humidity makes it worse. What would your days and nights be like without air conditioning, cold/hot water. Try the utilities challenge and tell us about it.

Get started at http://www.unitedwaynca.org/getinvolved/advocate.html

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